Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Enhancing capacity of the stakeholders, forest staff that protects tiger in their habitats, integration of local communities in wildlife conservation. Facilitates robust field data to establish conservation ends.

Community Based Solar Fence

Community based solar fence to save Elephants in conflict villages around Bandipur Tiger Reserve* (BTR). It has taken a paradigm shift addressing both wildlife and farmers' basic problem in conflict...

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Conservation Education

In achieving the goals of quality Conservation Education for future stake holding community, there is a great need to reach local schools and colleges to broaden their vision to understand...

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Rescue & Rehabilitation

WCF works on Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitates them to feasible habitats that are preferred by individual species. Wildlife have made their home in places that are ecologically fixed by individual...

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Tracking Big Cats to Save them

WCF findings of tiger deaths in Bandipur and Nagarahole Tiger Reserves ordeals to map natyral and unnatural deaths in tiger landscape and also foul play. WCF moves forward to bring...

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A Spark Neglected Burns The House

The biggest challenge for conservation in Indian wildlife is FOREST FIRE, fire succumbs everything in its way. Those inherited information of ignition of forest fire due to two dry tree rubbing, or because of sun’s heat and lightning are all bed time stories. WCF distributes 15 thousand pamphlets, 300 posters to 75 schools and colleges in the surrounding villages of Bandipur and Nagarahole Tiger Reserve. As a result of our continuous effort – students and farmers from the surrounding villages of Bandipur and Nagarahole Tiger Reserve reported forest fire who gave an early warning call and the fire was contained with the help of villagers and forest staff.



They have important role to maintain balance in the ecosystem