Road Kills of Wildlife in NH 67 & NH 212

Linear intrusions in forest areas are a major threat to wildlife. Two National Highways (NH 67 & NH 212) cake cut the pristine Bandipur Tiger Reserve, they were closed for vehicular traffic at night from 9:00 PM to morning 6:00 AM since road kills between 2004 and 2007 were “higher than poaching”. 91 mammals from 14 species, 75 birds from 18 species and 56 reptiles from 16 species were killed on road by speeding vehicles. In response high court order in WP 17498/2009 and 919/2010 dated 09/03/2010 both the roads were closed.

Road kills report submitted by WCF to commissioner and forest department took a paradigm shift in road ecology of India. After the night traffic ban a study was conducted by WCF “Using direct and indirect method to record the encounter level of wildlife movement in NH 67 and NH 212” and this report was submitted to Karnataka Forest Department and the Supreme (I.A-10). The number of animal movement has increased and road kills have decreased by 75%.